Refer Friends & Earn Cash Rewards!

Change Someone's Life While Earning Passive Income

If you’ve been through the The Credit Gym Credit Repair or Debt Settlement Program, you’re likely already telling your friends and family how you miraculously turned your life around. Our referral program simply rewards you—WITH CASH—for something you’re already doing.

How It Works

Send Your Friend A Private Message

We Reach Out

Your Friend Enrolls

You Get Paid

Referral Reward Levels

For every person you refer to The Credit Gym who enrolls in our credit repair program, you will receive a credit of $50 or more towards your next month’s credit repair services.

1-3 referrals​

Way to go! Apply $50 (1 credit) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

4-6 referrals

WOW! Look at you! Apply $100 (2 credits per month) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

7-9 referrals

You are #killin' it! Apply $150 (3 credits) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

Platinum Pro
10+ referrals

You are a referral MACHINE! Apply $150 in credits, plus a bonus $250 Visa gift card (to be used for anything you want). Gift cards are given for every 10th person you refer, and will be sent by mail.

No Longer Enrolled in The Credit Repair Program?

Refer A Friend Here!

Fill out the form on this page to contact a friend or family member who is:

  • struggling to buy a car
  • struggling to buy a house
  • receiving non-stop collections calls
  • living with low credit
  • paying outrageous interest rates
  • struggling to make their payments on time
  • on the verge of bankruptcy…

When you fill out the form, your friend, family member, or co-worker will be notified that you’re reaching out to help.

Skip the awkward conversation or the uncomfortably public “tag” on Facebook, letting the whole world know someone’s in a tight financial spot. 

By filling out this form, you’re sending a private message, letting them know there is a way out of their stressful situation. Within 48 hours, one of our FICO Pro Certified Credit Repair Specialists will be in touch with them to help.


Credits can only be used towards credit repair monthly services fees. Credits have no cash value. employees and its professional referral partners are not eligible for this program. A referral counts as an enrolled client in our credit repair services. After a referral is enrolled, credit will be applied to the account. Credits given as gifts can only be used after the initial enrollment costs and the second month’s fees have been paid.

If you are no longer enrolled in the credit repair program, learn more about becoming a Credit Gym Affiliate or Professional Referral Partner.