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The Credit Gym Debt Settlement Program

That feeling at night where your mind is racing and you can’t get to sleep; then you finally do but have nothing but nightmares about the debt you’re drowning in…that’s where we come in. Credit Gym Debt Settlement specializes in becoming your financial lifeline


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If you qualify, we schedule you to speak with one of our Certified Debt Specialists who will determine your eligibility based on the quiz and additional questions they ask.


We enroll you in our program and walk you through step by step to reduce or possibly erase the debt you owe.

When you enroll in our debt settlement program, we immediately become your advocate, working on your behalf. We work with your creditors to negotiate an agreement between you and them to settle your debts for less than what you owe

Throughout the negotiation and resolution process, you maintain control of your finances as we advise you on best debt payment practices and are here to answer your questions every step of the way.

Debt Settlement, Simplified

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We handle the negotiations to help you get debt-free in as little as 12 months!

Real Client Results

Steve's Story

“Thanks to The Credit Gym I was debt free in 24 months! I had over $40,000 in debt, and they were able to settle it for half the amount. I could not believe that they were able to get my debt reduced by so much and that it all happened so quickly. I am very happy that I chose The Credit Gym Debt Settlement I will be recommending them to my friends and family!”

Craig's Story

“I was hiding from my debt for years. I was always avoiding the phone, having to screen all my calls in fear that it would be a creditor. It got so bad, that I was about to get my wages garnished. But thanks to The Credit Gym I was able to avoid that.

After my first phone call with one of their specialists, I felt like there was a clear plan to get my debt settled. I was able to settle my debt at 48% and never had my wages garnished”

Debt Settlement FAQs

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Debt settlement, which we can help you with, is when we negotiate with credit companies to get your debts erased or partially relieved. Debt settlement actually lowers the amount of debt you owe AND lowers the amount of money you pay monthly!

Debt consolidation, which is often not recommended, requires you to take out a large loan to pay off your debts. These large loans are considered “secured loans”, because they require you to offer something like your home, car, etc. as collateral. If you default, they can take possession of that collateral.

Taking your first step toward financial freedom is easy! Call 866-722-9651 or schedule a free debt settlement consultation with one of our specialists.

On the call, we will explain to you how our proven process works and see if you’d benefit from our program. If you decide that The Credit Gym’s Debt Settlement program is the solution you’ve been searching for, then we will begin negotiating directly with your creditors as soon as you enroll.

We take the stress out of the mess and deal with your creditors for you, so that you can focus on saving sufficient funds to ultimately settle any remaining debts. Throughout the program, you’ll be provided not only with an advocate negotiating on your behalf, but also with education, valuable information, and tools that will help you to successfully eliminate your debt and live a happier life!

With Debt Settlement, you could be debt free in as little as 12 months! However, the time it takes to settle a person’s debts can vary in length based on a number of factors! No two people have the same financial circumstances.

Our promise is to work with you on a personal, customized level. We will only offer solutions that will help you in your specific situation to successfully and quickly resolve your debt. PLUS, depending on the amount of your debt, you may be able to extend your payments up to 48 months to lower your monthly amount owed!

Our team of knowledgeable, experienced debt specialists and lawyers will be working with you throughout the process. We know how difficult, stressful, and consuming financial troubles are, which is why our team of highly qualified specialists take on the task of negotiating with your creditors for you to make sure you are completely taken care of!

YES! Your debt settlement will be absolutely confidential. We do reach out to creditors on your behalf and negotiate with them to eliminate or lower your debt, but we do not share your personal data or status of your debt settlement progress with anyone other than our Debt Settlement team.

No! Unfortunately, there have been some bad apples in the credit repair/debt settlement industry, though. Make sure to steer clear of them! As long as you are working with a certified, transparent, and confidential debt settlement company that will truly advocate for you, you will be very happy you chose to settle your debts and release thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of dollars in debt.

Although filing for bankruptcy may seem like an easy solution, it can seriously affect you financially for the rest of your life. Many professionals will tell you that bankruptcy vanishes after 7-10 years, however, whenever you open a credit card, buy a house, buy a new car, or take out a student or personal loan, you are almost always asked if you have ever filed for bankruptcy.

Furthermore, if you have filed for bankruptcy and answer by saying you haven’t, you could be charged with a federal offense.

Filing for bankruptcy is actually a very expensive process; paying all the court and legal fees that are necessary for you to file adds up.

We recommend you consult with a lawyer about bankruptcy and if it’s right for you, but it is generally considered the very last option.

Although we are an advocate for you, you remain in control of the debt settlement process the whole time! You will decide which debts you’d like us to resolve for you. You will never be alone in that decision, though; our specialists will give you input to help you decide which debts to prioritize.

No, you are responsible for continuing to make payments to your creditors as we work to lower and/or eliminate your debt for you. We will, however, assist you with figuring out a budget that will help you enjoy a healthier financial life.

That decision is up to you! You do not have to accept any call that you do not want to take.

Yes. Generally speaking, if you miss payments and/or do not pay your creditors according to the agreement you originally made with them when you opened that line of credit, your credit will likely be negatively affected. Any debt settlement program will have an adverse effect on your credit score, and you should be very, very cautious of any program that tells you it won’t affect your credit.

Once you’ve completed the debt settlement program, we recommend immediately enrolling in credit repair services with The Credit Gym, to restore your credit quickly and affordably.

Debt Settlement is a savings-based program, which means our first goal is to help you save up funds to pay off a portion of your debt. We will help you establish a trust account that is owned and controlled by you, NOT us. You will then receive a monthly statement about the account’s balance. All debt settlement payments will be paid directly to your creditors from your trust account.

Once you save up and accrue enough funds into your trust account, we can begin the negotiation process with your credit companies. The exact amount you will need to save depends on how much you owe and how much debt you are able to pay down. We work with you to establish these goals and timeframes for paying down your debt as quickly as you can afford.

In order to settle your debts, you need to save funds so that you can pay the reduced amount. If you are unable to save funds, we will have to wait until a time that you can save funds. Otherwise, you are unable to settle debts with your creditors.

You are the sole person responsible for getting your settled debts paid. That is why it is so important to put aside funds you can use once we have negotiated with your creditors to reduce your debt. 

Yes. If you don’t pay your bills on time, your creditors can take legal action against you. 

We cannot prevent lawsuits by debt collectors. However, we do have ways to help you work through and manage your collections. You must seek legal advice on any lawsuits against you.

No. During the program you are still liable to make your payments on time to any debt collectors and to pay any interest or late fees incurred